Ticks have been a problem for New York and New England for a long time. In shear numbers they are one of the highest carriers of disease, including Lyme disease. This is especially important if your household has children and pets that spend any time outside during the warm months.


Ticks can be a serious problem where taller grasses and weeds exist, even if they aren’t directly on your property. They also migrate from areas of high infestation to non-infested areas when they attach themselves to birds and mammals that might travel through yard. Contrary to popular opinion, deer ticks do not get Lyme Disease from deer. They pick up the virus from birds and small rodents.

We offer a special Tick Control Application that can put up a lasting defense against these disease carriers during the warmer months of summer (May thru September) — this is the prime time when ticks are most active and likely to be a problem. We will treat all prone areas such as flower beds, mulched areas, leaf piles, wood piles etc.. Call us today to schedule your Tick Control program from Imperial Lawn.

Tick Factoids produced by TickEncounter Resource Center

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