Imperial Lawn’s Tree & Shrub Care Services

Imperial Lawn also provides professional care for your ornamental landscaping plants such as trees and shrubs. Our trained horticultural specialists are employed full time just to take care of your ornamental plants.


From the time you receive your first professional evaluation of your landscaping you get personalized attention to the care and development of your prized plants.

Our regular treatments provide protection and nutrition for your plants, but your landscape can also benefit from this additional care.


Highest quality products

Everything we use on your landscape, from dormant oils to fungicides, are specifically selected to do the right job at the right time.


What we’ll do for your landscaping

Besides inspecting your ornamental landscape plantings on each visit for signs of distress or other problems. We also treat for insects, feed your ornamental plants with deep-root fertilizers, and, you’ll have the assurance on our Full Treatment Program, that for any reason, we need to apply extra pest control or fertilizer between regular visits, we’ll do this free of charge.


Tree and shrub care

  • Our highly trained, professional Tree & Shrub specialists know what problems to look for and how to solve them throughout the growing season
  • Individual tailored treatments are based specifically on the needs of your landscape
  • Our custom-blended fertilizers are injected into the root zone of your valuable plants to give your landscape optimal color and growth
  • Horticultural oil treatments will control those stubborn over-wintering insect and mite pests
  • Regular monitoring, inspection and evaluation means your plants are treated as needed to minimize worries and concerns about your landscape
  • You can rest assured your landscape is in good hands
  • Imperial Lawn will improve and maintain the health and vigor of your landscape, and a healthy beautiful landscape will improve the value of your home.